These nine week online groups are for individuals looking to replace the harmful messages learned from religious purity cultures. Individuals are welcome to join with others in deconstructing the underlying beliefs that have resulted in body insecurity, a mistrust of pleasure, and sexual shame. Time is spent both identifying hurtful messages and imagining compassionate alternatives. Trauma-informed sex ed is provided alongside opportunities to connect with others who understand. Due to the binary gender stereotypes enforced in Purity Culture, the groups are divided between male-focused and female-focused messaging to allow for individuals to attend whichever group most closely relates to their lived experience.  Individuals who actively practice their faith and those who have chosen to leave it are both welcome.


$40 per session ($360 total).

A commitment to attend all sessions is encouraged.

Virtual Male Messaging Group - January 2023

Virtual Female Messaging Group  - January 2023


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Coming January 2023

Lauryn has personal and professional experience deconstructing purity culture's effects. She has published about it's impact on female sexuality and presented on the ways it effects individual's relationships with themselves, sexuality, and their view of others and the divine. She is passionate about helping discern the difference between intention and the literal implication of these messages.