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primary areas of practice

Pride Parade

identity, gender, sexuality,
& relationship diversity

Over our years of practice, we have served people from all walks of life and are allies and advocates for who you are. We choose to honor and respect all identities. Whether your issues are relational or personal, we will provide you with a safe and welcoming space to explore whatever it is that brings you to therapy.

Holding Hands

sexual health & sex therapy

Understanding your own sexual needs and desires is paramount to how you communicate with your sexual partner(s). We work with clients of all sexual lifestyles to help them discover, define and own their sexuality in order to create sexual health that is positive, pleasurable and safe. Robyn is currently in training as a sex therapist and under supervision of a certified sex therapist supervisor. Check out our most popular group being offered again in this fall joining other folks in breaking through the stigmas of purity culture.

Family At Church

children and teens
parenting support

Parenting can seem like a series of trial and error experiments. We provide the tools to help parents better understand their children's behavior and the solutions to create effective and lasting change which creates cohesion and synchronicity not just for you and your child, but for your entire household. Each stage of childhood and adolescence is unique, and our therapists' styles are unique to meet your kid's needs using validated and proven therapeutic techniques.

Couple Holding Hearts

individual & partner therapy

David Richo wrote, "Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us." While its normal to experience challenges from time to time, some things are just not meant to be faced alone. A therapist can guide you to the self you want to be. We work alongside you in your journey of deeper introspection and greater self-awareness. It is our goal to understand each individual’s experience and provide the tools you need to pursue a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Army Boots

veterans & military families

There is a lot of fear and stigma when it comes to asking for help. The DOD and VA have recognized those barriers that make it difficult for those in uniform to seek therapy and have created many channels to get the help you need. As a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Robyn offers insights to her associates, veterans, active duty military members and their families, including experience in the areas of PTSD, deployment related issues and navigating school and work-life balance once your time in service comes to an end.

Blue Flowers

emdr & trauma processing

Whether you have had a traumatic early childhood experience or are suffering from a recent traumatic event, those who have survived trauma know the pain and distress of trying to move past the feelings of fear, anxiety and unwanted memories. Through Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), this highly researched and validated method will help you move through your past experiences into a more calm and peaceful present.

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