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Client Focus: Individuals, Parent-child, Children, Teens, Adults
Areas of Focus: Self-compassion, Inner Child Work, Intergenerational Trauma, Cultural Stress
Modalities: Attachment, Emotionally Focused, Internal Family Systems, CBT, Art Therapy

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“Look inside of yourself; everything you want, you already are” – Rumi


It is my firm belief that each person is already whole and complete just as they are. Whether we wanted it or not, there are some parts of us that may have been neglected, rejected, and silenced while other parts have been rewarded and strengthened. In my practice, I strive to celebrate and validate all parts of you - the good, the “bad”, and the ugly - in order to encourage self-acceptance and compassion for all the unique qualities you have developed over the years that now make you YOU. Creating a safe and secure client-therapist relationship in which you feel free to be whoever you want to be and bring to the room whatever feels right in your heart and body is one of my highest priorities. I aim to not just be a listening ear, but also an empathic mirror and compassionate guide to help reflect different perspectives or strengthen an existing one that feels more authentic to you. 


“Anything learned can be unlearned” – unknown


Especially when we seek change from a path that no longer serves us, it can feel overwhelming and fear-provoking to pivot toward unknown territory. But you are not alone. My goal is to walk alongside you in your own personal journey toward feeling aligned in your body, mind, and heart - ultimately living a life you find worth living. 


My approach consists mainly of Attachment theory that helps me explore with you any attachment wounds from your past that contribute to how you function today, and how to work toward a more secure attachment that will allow you to feel fulfilled in your relationship with yourself and with others. I also utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in order to help clients build awareness and connection with not just their thinking minds, but also their feeling bodies. I believe it is just as important to listen to our bodies - the sensations and emotions that it communicates with us. I find that it is these emotions that give life its color and our relationships spark. Internal Family Systems (IFS) also helps me speak to your inner child, and to give them a chance and a voice to finally have their needs heard. 


Due to my background as a primary school teacher, A.B.A (applied behavior analysis) therapist, educational therapy clinician, and now Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I have extensive experience working with youth of all ages in both the education and clinical setting. I am also very familiar with working with parents in building emotional safety within the parent-child relationship. As a therapist of color, I specialize in working with AAPI and Latinx communities, especially in unpacking intergenerational trauma, immigration and cultural stress, and issues with identity and intersectionality. Whether it’s individuals or families, youth or adults, cis-het or queer, my goal is to provide a comforting and empowering presence that will have clients walking away having a greater appreciation for themselves and what they contribute to their community. 


Outside of the therapy room, I am a partner and mother to two dogs (a clingy shih-tzu and a snack-loving frenchie) and 28 plants. I like buying books (reading them is a separate issue), cooking, collecting perfume, karaoke, and traveling.

licenses & certifications

  • California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 136561

  • Supervised by Robyn Buresh, LMFT 91826

experience & training

  • Deconstructing Gender: Trans & Non-Binary Identities, 2022

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Externship, 2022

  • Attachment Training: Restoring Relational Resilience, 2022

  • Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Web 2.0, 2021

  • PCIT for Traumatized Children Web Course, 2021

  • Stop AAPI Hate: Invisibility, Racism, and Paths Forward, 2021 

memberships & achievements

  • San Diego North County Chapter - California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, member since 2022



Alliant International University  2022  
M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy

University of California, Irvine  2016
B.A. Psychology and Social Behavior


16870 W. Bernardo Dr.
Ste 400
San Diego, CA 92127


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