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Post-Roe Resources

There is very little I can add to the conversation that millions across the United States have not already said. All one needs to do is read an editorial or their Twitter feed to feel the anguish, fear, and despair that is gripping women and men about the loss of access to reproductive health care and legal rights women have had to make choices about their own bodies. While conversations of morality are important for us to discuss as a community in order to bring our individual beliefs and values into sharper focus, what we should not have to work so hard to comprehend is the retraction of a legal and human right for every woman and girl and so integral to the healing of our country since the emancipation of enslaved people and for the rights of Black women and girls, especially. Read this amazing piece by Michele Goodwin.

When clients share their own feelings of grief with me, I can do little but join with them. I, too, feel at a loss. I feel the loss. If there is anything I can do that will allow me to participate in the conversation in some type of meaningful way, it is to share resources I have compiled from many different sources. If you are reading this, please know that we here at Tendril believe in the fundamental right for you to make choices about your own body. We hope the resources listed below can help you or a loved one if needed.


AidAccess provides abortion medication for anyone in the United States via the mail. If you do not have access from providers in your state, you can speak with a provider in Europe.


If/When/How connects people with legal support regarding self-determination rights and aid for being criminalized for making choices about their own bodies.

Miscarriage + Abortion Hotline

M+A Hotline provides support to those who are self-managing their own miscarriage or abortion.

Digital Defense Fund

A resource that, among other things, provides education and digital security for the abortion access movement.

i need an abortion

Helps connect those in need of abortion services with clinics.

A PDF guide on taking more proactive action against fake clinics.

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